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We started construction activities in 2006 and the school was completed and officially dedicated in 2010. We initially started with 27 children and the success was overwhelming. We added standards 1-10 when we created the new campus. We received Higher Secondary status in 2015. The school is recognized by the government. We are currently educating 374 children on the Thottanaval campus from UKG to 12th Standard.

Since the inception of the Peery Matriculation School in 2010, we have grown by leaps and bounds. We have been providing free education for the children of leprosy-affected people. We have the entire necessary infrastructure required for a successful education program. We have a beautiful library, art-and-craft workroom, well-equipped computer and science labs, music room and a vocational training center. We have an effective mentoring program to prepare the students for success in the business world.

PEERY Matriculation School is a residential school and comfortable hostels have been provided for boys and girls. All basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and counseling are provided to help the children focus on completing basic education successfully. It is observed that though most of the students come from backgrounds of illiteracy, once they are given a chance to get a top-notch education, they find they are both able to dream and to obtain the skills necessary to achieve their dreams. Their remarkable test scores and achievements in the areas of sports, arts, and dance have shown that they can excel in whatever they put their minds to.


Students enjoy playtime after school and on weekends. Our clean and open campus has playgrounds and facilities and equipment for cricket, track and field, basketball, football, volleyball, Kabaddi and badminton


Our beautiful library provides rich resources for student learning. Hundreds of books for all age levels are kept organized and in good condition by our dedicated staff


The campus computer lab features high-quality equipment to enrich student learning, giving students additional practice in English, Mathematics, and other subjects, as well as building computer science skills. Students visit the lab on a regular basis.


PEERY Matriculation Higher Secondary School for Rising Stars offers both academic and creative clubs. Music classes have been organized for students interested in keyboard, violin and drums. Science, Mathematics, Sports, Cultural, English and Tamil Literary clubs, culinary club, Art & Craft club, and Environmental clubs are being organized and conducted for the welfare of the students. Volunteers to Rising Star continue to support students and help them to enhance their fluency and literacy in English. A campus – wide initiative was undertaken to encourage speaking English.


Our students are being encouraged to participate in the Zonal, District, Divisional, and State level sports and games activities. Sports education has inculcated the valuable qualities of strength, leadership, confidence, stamina, and teamwork among our children.

Mr. Sathrapathi achieved 1st place in 3000 meters and 1500 meters, he was selected for state level athletics and stood 8th place. Ms. Abinaya and Ms. Revathy achieved 2nd place and Mr. Praveen achieved 3rd place in Carom competition held at Tambaram.

Silambam and Kung-Fu are taught for the students to improve the self-defense.


We have implemented a Life Learning Program for the children. Children are selected purely based on their interest for this program. We have started this program to brighten their prospects in learning a vocation and preparing them for success in school and beyond. The children learn Art and Craft work, Painting, Tailoring, and Embroidery. Sessions are conducted from Monday to Friday from 4.45pm to 5.45pm.


The PEERY Matriculation School has been achieving
100 % result in the 10th standard public exams every year since the opening of the school in 2010.
The Peery Matriculation School has repeatedly been honored for its success. In 2014, based on the National Exam scores, it was listed as the top school in the Kancheepuram District of more than 400 schools. In 2020 it was named as the #1 School in India for Hands on Learning. That same year our principal was named as one of forty “2019 Principals of the Year”. Because of these several honors the school is now recognized as an elite school in India. Many of our students have successfully completed their basic school education and they are pursuing a college education in the fields of medicine, engineering, pharmacy, psychology, nursing and teaching.


Fun-cum-education related trips are organized for children throughout this program. Besides learning, excursions give students cherished memories and an opportunity to work in group dynamics. Keeping this in mind, PEERY Matriculation Higher Secondary School organizes a number of educational trips, excursions, and picnics for the students of all classes under the supervision of trained outdoor instructors and school teachers.