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Thottanaval Village, Salavakkam Via,
Kunnavakkam Post, UthiramerurTauluk,
Kanchipuram District – 603 107,
Tamil Nadu, India.

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Name of the Organisation: Rising Star Outreach of India

Address : Kadalmangalam Road,  Thottanaval Village, Salavakkam Via, Kunnavakkam Post, UthiramerurTauluk, Kancheepuram District, India 603 107

Contact Person& Position: Dr Susan Hilton – Managing Director

Legal Status : Registered under Section 25 of the Company Act 1956, CIN U85310TN2004NPL052965 .Also Registered UnderForeign Contribution Regulation Act 2011, FCRA Certification Number 07582034, Nature of Registration: Social

Income Tax Details: Registered under 12AA of the Income Tax Act 1961, REG# DIT (E) NO: 2(565)/04-05 Registered under 80G (5) (IV) Tax Exemption Act of 1961, REG# DIT (E) NO: 2(565)/04-05 TDS# CHER07098A, PAN CARD# AACCR8226N

Bank Details: HDFC, Besant Nagar & Chengalpet Branch

Telephone: +91 44 2729 2676

Email: susan.hilton@risingstaroutreach.org

Website: www.risingstaroutreach.org

While visiting India 2000, our founder, Becky Douglas, observed and witnessed some human beings living in deplorable conditions. Worst of all were the leprosy affected, who would approach her, begging for help. When she returned to USA, she was so haunted by those images that she knew she had to act. She called four close friends, and around her kitchen table they quietly formed Rising Star Outreach. Initially RSO supported other NGOs. The first official Rising Star Outreach children’s home was rented and opened in April of 2004 with 27 Children from leprosy colonies.

13The success of the home was stunning, and in 2005 a second children’s home was rented and opened for 32 additional colony children. Now officially recognized by the Indian Government, Rising Star has been commended for the high standard of care and excellence maintained in the school where the children prepare to enter main stream society. As word got out among the leprosy colonies of the Rising Star Outreach children’s homes, the waiting began to grow until it became clear that there was a significant need for a permanent facility. In November 2005 Rising Star purchased 13.5 acres of land, following an eighteen-month search.

Construction began in October 2006, and a permanent school for the children was built. Our beautiful, new campus was dedicated in 2010.

The Rising Star Campus is self-sustaining offering safe living quarters – the Marriott School for Boys, and the Amber Douglas School for Girls, for 250 children, the Peery Matriculation School – elementary, middle and high school from KG-10, volunteer quarters, a dining hall, meditation hall and staff of over 70. It is place of peace, learning, joy and beauty.

When Rising Star was happy to have finally found a way to successfully care for the children of leprosy victims, the suffering of their families who remained behind in the colonies could not be ignored. Rising Star started taking rice and beans to the colonies each month in order to provide them with basic sustenance.

This, however, was only a temporary solution, and Rising Star recognized the need to help the people learn to provide for themselves. That goal was realised in June of 2013, when they met Padma Venkataraman while working in the colonies. The daughter of India’s former president, Mrs Venkataraman was already well-known throughout India for her pioneering work facilitating micro-finance projects in leprosy colonies. By providing small loans (usually around $15-20 US dollars) people were able purchase equipment and supplies necessary to begin their own small business. Having just completed a successful five year project with DANIDA, Padma was thrilled to partner with Rising Star to continue her work to -help leprosy victims. For the first time known in history, those afflicted with leprosy were provided with a viable alternative to begging and were rising above the stigma of their disease.

As the colonies began to improve their economic situation, the primary challenge they faced was the lack of consistent medical care. Access to hospitals was difficult, both logistically and due to the social stigma. Rising Star Outreach responded to this problem with the initiation of a Mobile Medical Unit in March 2005. Finally, the severely disabled leprosy victim’s problem of being unable to leave the colony for adequate medical care was resolved.

Run completely by team of excellent Indian doctors, the unit travels to the colonies and provides leprosy screening, medicines for treatment, wound and ulcer care as well as medical/surgical treatment for non-leprosy related ailments.

By the end of 2004 it became clear that the organization in the United States had grown large enough to require the management of professional staff and Rising Star hired its first Executive Director, Amy Antonelli. Amy helped bring our organisation to a new professional level with her experience and insight. She quickly pulled together the first foundations of a dedicated staff both paid and volunteer.

Our vision is to bring hope and dignity to children and families afflicted by leprosy in Tamil Nadu, a state in South India.

Our mission is to provide loving homes and much needed educational opportunities for some of the needy children in India. Our mission is to help the leprosy colonies become thriving, self-sufficient communities.

We are accomplishing this through three major initiatives:

  • Economic rehabilitation through micro-grants.
  • Providing medical care through mobile medical clinics.
  • Educating children by providing opportunities to become productive citizens of India.

Enhancing the life standard of children and families afflicted by leprosy in India. Helping the leprosy victims to build self-Confidence and to bring them to the mainstream of society. Our objective is to promote their participation in education, healthcare and economic activities. Our prime objective is to see a day when those affected by leprosy are no longer consigned to begging on the streets, but can instead enjoy a life of dignity and productivity.

RSOI Board Members List:

  • Mrs.Padma Venkataraman, Chairman
  • Mr.Sakthivel Venkataraman
  • Mr.RajeevMenon
  • Mr.K.V.Nair
  • Dr.T.K.Parthasarathy
  • Dr.S.Anandan
  • Dr.MohanRajan
  • Mr.Priyadharshan
  • Dr.V.Mirasu David
  • Dr.R.Kishore Kumar
  • Dr.Rachel Jebaraj
  • Dr.Susan Hilton

RSO Senior Leadership Team:

  • Ms.Rebecca Douglas, Founder
  • Mr.Rondell Hanson, RSO US, Board
  • Ms. Sally Read, President, RSO
  • Mr. Tyler Vigue, Executive Director
  • Mrs.Padma Venkataraman, Chairman
  • Dr. Susan Hilton, Managing Director

RSO India Senior Leadership Team:

  • Dr. Susan Hilton, Managing Director
  • Mr.Sathiaraj, Administrative Officer
  • Mr.Hirudhayanathan, Educational Advisor
  • Mr.Richard, Head Master- High School
  • Mr. Johnson, Finance Manager
  • Dr.Viji, CWPO
  • Ms.Gracy, Hostel Manager (Female)

The organisation’s focus has been all the leprosy colonies in Tamil Nadu. The working area is a deliberate selection keeping the geographic, social, economic situation beside the presence of the target communities in those areas.

Rising Star Outreach India has around 80 staff members and many volunteers.

    • Admin and Finance – 9
    • School Unit – 21
    • Transport Unit – 4
    • Hostel Unit – 13
    • Maintenance Unit – 6
    • Medical Unit – 4
    • Social Work – 4
    • Community Welfare Unit – 3
    • House-Keeping Unit – 13
    • Trichy Branch Unit – 8

Many volunteers from various parts of the world will be visiting our campus every year on long term and short term basis. They would support all our initiatives and they would support our medical unit as well as the teaching staff.


  • Accounting Policy
  • Human Resource Policy
  • Training and Planning
  • Financial Monitoring
  • Monitoring and evaluation system for projects

13.5 Acres of land in Southern India, a school building, Office cum training centre, 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers, Computers and printers, Sophisticated medical equipment and medicines.


hosThe medical unit continues to provide professional assistance to the 11 local colonies and the five extension colonies with a total of 931 patients on a fortnightly and quarterly basis. The medical unit performed over 17,100 services in the months of April 2013 through March, 2014. The clinic was able to take care of leprosy patients, volunteers, visitors, children and staff.

Apart from the consultation services to leprosy and general medical care, free medicine and medical supplies were given to the leprosy colonies across the state. Rice, beans, and clothes were distributed. Screening camps, medical check-ups, and vaccination programs were conducted. Assistive and protective devices were donated. In the leprosy colonies, surveillance and monitoring for new cases and relapses continues. Physiotherapy, counselling, and Health Education support services were also made available for the patients.

Future Vision for the Medical Unit:

  • The medical unit aims to offer advanced health care services by Sri Ramachandra Medical College Hospital to more patients.
  • Health/social-workers can be appointed in each colony to care for the destitute and elderly patients.
  • We hope to increase the quantum of bandages and dressing materials given to the patients.


out-house1Our Mission & Vision: The Peery Matriculation School’s vision is to provide a comprehensive education to underprivileged children from leprosy-affected families and providing opportunities to become productive citizens of India.


Peery Matriculation School


Built in the Kerala style, the Peery Matriculation School for Rising Starscontains the necessary resources to provide a quality education for children from UKG to 10th standard.

Extracurricular Activities

After-school Clubs

Rising Star offers both academic and creative clubs. Music classes have been organized for students interested in keyboard, violin and drums. English and Tamil Literary conventions, Science Exhibitions, Mathematic Fairs are being organized and conducted for the welfare of the students.


Students enjoy playtime after school and on weekends. Our clean and open campus has facilities and equipment for cricket, volleyball, basketball, and football.


Our beautiful library provides rich resources for student learning. Hundreds of books for all age levels are kept organized and in good condition by dedicated staff.

Science Lab

The science lab is a well-equipped facility supporting science instruction during school and in after-school science club. A variety of materials including ample water and gas supplies, heat-resistant countertops, and secure storage for all supplies.

Computer Lab

The campus computer lab features high-quality equipment to enrich student learning, giving students additional practice in English, maths, and other subjects, as well as building computer science skills. Students visit the lab on a regular basis.

Certifications, Recognition, Honours:

The Peery Matriculation has been achieving 100 % result in the SSLC public exams every year since the opening of the school (2010).

The Government Health Department issued the sanitary certificate for the school and for the hostel. The fire certificate was renewed, and the school building license has been renewed.

Public recognition came in the form of an article featured in the ‘Times of India’ daily newspaper spotlighting the Goals for Girls program.

Curriculum and Educational Resources:

The XSEED program has been implemented and the XSEED program continues to guide the curriculum for UKG to VIII standard.

The INTEL Classroom Management system has been successfully integrated with the XSEED program.

The Motivational tours have been organised for the school children.

Our students are being encouraged to participate in the Divisional, zonal level and state level sports and games activities. In 2013, our student athletes have secured 7 first places, 1 second place and 1 third place at the zonal level sports meet, which was held at Meenakshi Amman School and they were selected for the District Level Athletic Meet.

Volunteers to Rising Star campus continue to support students and help them to enhance their fluency and literacy in English, and a campus-wide initiative was undertaken to encourage speaking English.


The community welfare unit consist of professional social workers who work in the colonies for the welfare of the beneficiaries from leprosy affected families. The unit functions from northern and southern districts of Tamilnadu catering to the needs of the leprosy affected persons.

Entrepreneur activities:
Grants are issued to the Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Welfare Committee (WC) in the leprosy colonies to empower them to live a dignified life through income generating activities. The grant is given to the group and all the members repay the money to their respective groups in 10 months duration. Once all the members complete their first grant , the members again revolve the money among themselves, a second or third time for their socio and economic welfare purposes like paying fees for child’s education, renovation of houses, running a grocery shop etc. So far we have 18 colonies that have received the grants and are successfully running the groups.

Colony Improvement Programme:
The activities cater to needs of the colony as a whole. Based on their needs, we help them to construct individual toilets, construction of community hall etc, This will benefit the whole colony.

Perpetual Educational Grants:
Rising star Outreach of India has launched a new programme called Perpetual Educational Grant (PEG) in the month of September 2012, are stepped into the third year (2014-2015). Totally 188 students from 15 colonies received the PEG which amounts to Rs 6,57,000. The beneficiaries repay the money in 10 months duration to the State Leprosy /Differently Abled Persons Society. This money is again revolved for the next academic year.

Issue of grant for income generating activities

Amarjothi Men Self Help Group beneficiary-Coimbatore