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Medical Unit of Rising Star Outreach of India works

The medical Unit of Rising Star Outreach of India works with dedication care and compassion towards the leprosy-affected persons and their families. The services of the medical unit have healed many patients’ lives.

A detailed History collection is done with the patient about their present and past medical surgical histories, family background and hereditary details about the communicable diseases. The patients open up their selves when the health professional collects their details with lots of love and care.

PEERY Matriculation School is a residential school and comfortable hostels have been provided for boys and girls. All basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and counseling are provided to help the children focus on completing basic education successfully. It is observed that though most of the students come from backgrounds of illiteracy, once they are given a chance to get a top-notch education, they find they are both able to dream and to obtain the skills necessary to achieve their dreams. Their remarkable test scores and achievements in the areas of sports, arts, and dance have shown that they can excel in whatever they put their minds to.

The following vital signs of the patients are monitored accurately, which provides their baseline data:

  • Temperature
  • Pulse
  • Respiration
  • Blood pressure


Ophthalmic treatment is being provided for the patients in the case of vision abnormalities, eye infections, cataract and other eye disorders.


An experienced and dedicated Dentist serves the patients by providing treatment for dental caries, gum diseases, tooth abscess. Dental plaques are treated by scaling procedure. Many patients are benefitted by the dental care provided by RSOI.


Leprosy Health Inspector educates the patients about the cause, incidence, clinical manifestations, diagnostic evaluation, treatment modalities, medical and surgical treatments and preventive measures.

He also identifies the patients with new lesions, patches, ulcers and deformities. People are lacking knowledge in Type I & Type II leprosy. He insists the awareness about the nodules in the Type II disease condition.


The main care given to the leprosy patients is the wound care. A sincere and dedicated nurse provides wound care to the patients in a sterile way by applying antibiotics, ointments and gauze bandages. Patients are very much satisfied and feel happy by the wound care provided RSOI.


Under the doctors’ supervision, the patients are supplied with necessary medications free of charge including analgesics, antibiotics, deworming tablets, medications for systemic and communicable diseases, ointments, gels for skin disorder, bandages, gauze and solutions for wound dressing.

Patients are taught the principals of wound self-care, provided wound self-care kits and monitored in their application of this program. This greatly enhances the healing process and makes the patients as self-reliant as possible in the healing process.

Social workers are provided to provide necessary counseling as well as training in proper hygiene, wound care, nutrition, exercise, responsible alcohol and drug use, birth control and other medical concerns.