EID Publications

Hansen Disease among Micronesian and Marshallese Persons Living in the United States

Woodall P, Scollard D, and Rajan L.

Leprosy as Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome in HIV-positive Persons

Martiniuk F, Rao SD, Rea TH, Glickman MS, Giovinazzo J, Rom WN, et al.

Leprosy, Still Present in La Réunion

Vilain P, Larrieu S, Camuset G, Pouderoux N, Gerber A, Borgherini G, et al.

Primary Multidrug-Resistant Leprosy, United States

Williams DL, Hagino T, Sharma R, Scollard D.

MMWR Publications

International Notes Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control in Developing Countries

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United States National Hansen’s Disease Program
World Health Organization


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LINK : https://www.cdc.gov/leprosy/resources/index.html