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The North East Monsoon rain has caused floods in the Rising Star Campus and flooded almost every part of the land. The rain water filled the courtyard in the center which loo a mini swimming pool within the elephant house with rain water harvesting almost full and a back flow of water is the main cause of it. The wells are almost completely full with water almost reaching to the top surface of the ground.

The area opposite to the Peery matriculation school was flooded by heavy water logging and the stagnant water resembled a pond. The coconut tree and mango tree farm land was also heavily flooded and most small plants were completely submerged in the water. The waste pit and the large bin meant for plastic waste were floating above the water level leaving no place to dump our trash.

There were also causalities of some of the trees which were completely uprooted by the storm. The flood water also surrounded the medical clinic areas. The play circle near opposite to the hostel also has water stagnating in it. These pose a threat and may become breeding places for mosquitoes and must be leveled with mud.

The athletic track and the grounds were not spared by the monsoon rain as the heavy water flow completely eroded the newly laid track was washed quarter of it away by the

The sand in the long jump pit was also washed away by the flood which has to be leveled back with sufficient sand to fill the pit. The compound wall at the green house by the side of road has collapsed since there was a large tree very close to the compound wall fell completely uprooting itself. There is a 10 feet area that is a security threat, presently barricaded by tin sheets. Also the rest of the wall is soaked and cracked and the whole length will have to be replaced.

The State of Tamilnadu

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The State of Tamilnadu has been facing heavy rainfall since one week due to the North East monsoon. Waters are flooding the streets and residences and leaving people immobile. Thousands of citizens have been stranded and are suffering due to heavy rains and waterlogging.

The flood in Tamil Nadu has completely blocked all modes of transportation by vehicles and small boats were used to rescue the people who were marooned in the flood and rain. The affected districts are Kanchipuram, Thiruvallur, Chennai and Cuddalore in the State of Tamil Nadu. These districts have most number of lakes and water bodies which were completely filled to overflowing and flooding the nearby settlements.

Some major water reservoirs are on the verge of breaking through due to water load beyond their capacity. Valves and canals were opened and excess water was drained and diverted to other major dams. The roads were mostly affected and people could not move out of their houses. The people are having great difficulty in getting essential commodities and medical aid. Many of them are homeless.

The leprosy colonies of the above said districts were also victims of the monsoon flood. The flood ravaged their homes and they have nowhere to go, except the shelters arranged by the Government and other NGO’s. Downpour led to several areas of Kanchipuram, Chennai, and Thiruvallur being waterlogged. The schools and colleges have been closed for more than a week. These districts are covered by many leprosy colonies that are taken care by Rising Star Outreach of India. Trees were uprooted, roads were blocked and daily life was thrown into disarray for the residents. The flood claimed many lives.

Rising star outreach of India has extended help by visiting the leprosy colonies in the flood affected areas and provided rice packets, essential medicines and bleaching powder to disinfect the water used for drinking purposes as the potable water was contaminated by wastewater. The support by Rising Star Outreach of India for those leprosy affected people was greatly appreciated alongside the efforts taken by the local civic bodies and the government.


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With the blessings of the Almighty God, on 05th November 2015, the Inaugural Ceremony of 11th grade took place in a colorful way and Peery Matriculation School was upgraded to Peery Matriculation Higher Secondary School.  President John Edison was the Chief Guest of the occasion, and he was given a warm reception by our students who garlanded him.
Dr. Susan Hilton, Managing Director, Rising Star Outreach of India, shawled the Chief Guest and welcomed the new students joining 11th standard, their parents and the new faculty.

Mr. Edison gave an inspiring speech and offered a special prayer for the bright future of the students.

The students of our school affectionately greetedthe 11th grade students with bright friendship bands created by themin the art and craft class.

After the assembly, the Chief Guest, President John Edison opened the 11th grade classroom by cutting the ceremonial ribbon and the new students started classes.