Courtyard by Marriott, an international chain of four and five-star hotels, that serve as a valued partner of Rising Star Outreach. They constantly extend help and support, especially in their contributions and donations to the children of Rising Star Outreach of India.They have donated towards projects including RSOI’s Marriott Home which provides comfortable housing to the children studying at our residential school.

The Marriott team regularly visits the children of Rising Star Outreach of India,motivating them and giving them moral and emotional support. They offer this support through various activities, including playing friendly cricket matches and joining in Christmas celebrations, providing the children with many gifts. They take a keen interest in maintenance activities designed to improve the campus and also support the higher secondary school education and college of RSOI’s children helping them to realize their dreams of becoming teachers, tradesmen, musicians, engineers, craftsmen, doctors, builders, scientists, lawyers, painters and business people.